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  Dental extraction  
  Dental extraction  
2/ Dental extractions
Dental extraction
When a tooth does not show a sufficient preservation prognosis or is fractured or is the source of other difficulties, it has to be taken out. Just like an infected tree which is about to contaminate its neighbours.
Dental extraction

A successful extraction requires a prior cleaning and the dismissal of any infection. It is for that reason that a antibiotic medical cure might be required in order to prevent any complications:
When a tooth has to be extracted urgently, the acidic ground caused by the infection weakens the efficiency of any anesthesia. Also, the intake of antibiotics after a tooth removal surgery might not be enough to prevent any secondary infection, an endocarditis or a rheumatic fever.

Dental extractionDental extraction

We favor the filling of the alveolar process, using Bio-Oss material. This avoids the bone shrinkage after extraction. A collagen membrane is also used to promote clot, and to prevent the apical migration of the connective tissue scar.


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Dental extraction Dental extraction Dental extraction Dental extraction Dental extraction